New Legends offers skill-building groups for both children and adolescents.  Participants will be assessed prior to entering a group using the Social Skills Improvement System, Social Emotional Learning Edition (SSIS SEL) developed by Gresham and Elliott (2017).  The assessment will collect information from parents, teachers, and the children themselves to let us know which social/emotional skills are underdeveloped so that we can build our lessons around your child’s needs.  Your child’s progress will be monitored after week four so that we can determine whether changes need to be made to the curriculum.  Cost of the 8- week group is $100.00 for the initial assessment and $50.00 per session for each of the following sessions for a total of $500.00.  Call Amy Miller at 630-402-6641 for more information.

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For more information about Children’s Skill Building Groups, download the flier below and call Amy Miller, LCSW at 630-402-6641, or contact us online.