New Legends is happy to announce that we are now providing counseling and therapy services to children and adolescents!  Both Dr. Robin Shultz and Amy Miller, LCSW work in the public school setting teaching skills and social/emotional competencies to children on a daily basis.  Kevin Cox, CTRS, also works in a public school system as a Special Education teacher and athletics director/coach where he intertwines therapeutic recreation and athletic engagement (running) into his teaching in order to build self-confidence and motivation in his students.  Also currently working on his Doctorate in Educational Psychology at Northern Illinois University, Kevin’s focus is on adolescent motivation.


Therapists at New Legends are committed to the belief that all children have the ability to succeed, if only they have the skills to do so.  From our work in public schools and our histories as resilient children ourselves, we also understand that kids with skill deficits may look uninterested, unmotivated, uninvolved, and at times, just plain unlikable  :).  These kids are some of our favorites to work with, as we understand that many times what they need is to be out-loved, outlasted, and fully accepted as they struggle to find their way.  We have learned that a solid connection with a significant adult who can remain out of the chaos while providing guidance and direction can often help a child take the critical steps needed to reach maturity.

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To get more information about Child Therapy Services at New Legends, download the flier below, contact us online or call Robin Shultz, DSW, LCSW, LMFT, CADC, CTRS at 630.828.6305.