Sometimes we find ourselves using alcohol or other substances or activities to help us cope with life’s difficulties more often than we would like. In some cases, repetitive use can turn into what some call an “addiction”.  Although we want to stop using a substance or engaging in a particular activity, we may have started to feel like we have no control over our ability to make the change. But in reality, we are the only ones who do have control over us. With help, we can begin to make decisions that lead to healthier choices.

Help With Substance Abuse

Dealing with substance abuse can be heart breaking for both those involved with the substance and those who care for the individual who is overindulging.  Children especially, can become confused and scared seeing an adult behaving “differently” than they would expect or want. Similarly, adults often don’t know what to do or how to handle the situation in a way that is helpful to both him/her and to the person abusing substances. People in this difficult situation can benefit from learning how to separate thinking from feelings as they start to take steps towards their own self-care.

Substance Abuse Services

Robin is a certified addictions counselor (CADC) and has worked with people of all ages who are struggling with substance abuse and addiction as they strive to live healthy, balanced lives. Robin is familiar with both 12 Step and Harm Reduction Models of treatment and is a member of  Illinois Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Professional Certification Association (IAODAPCA).

Please read information listed under Therapeutic Recreation Services for more information about Leisure Lifestyle Development Assessment and Planning (LLDAP), or contact Kevin Cox, Director of Leisure Services at 630.828.6304 or online for more information.