Parent coaching can be helpful when parents are struggling with their children’s behavior.  Often, parents attempt to convince their children to attend therapy or counseling in an effort to change their behavior.  While therapy can help children learn new skills and strategies for managing their emotions or provide them a caring adult outside of the family to talk with regarding their feelings and concerns, therapy does not lead to immediate behavior change in children.


Behavior change in children most frequently results from changes parents make in their interactions with their children.  Just as our children learn new skills, skills that parents learn through coaching can be used to increase the chance that children will choose to behave differently.   As is well known, we can’t force another person to change and in fact, efforts in this direction usually result in just the opposite of what we want.


After thorough interviews with parents about what behaviors are occurring and the context in which they occur, we will discuss strategies that might likely lead to positive behavior change in your child.  We will create a solid plan for you to implement at home and during subsequent sessions, will support your efforts and make revisions to the plan as necessary.  Parent coaching for those struggling with a child’s behavior can provide a sense of relief when parents begin to learn new skills and begin to see small positive changes in their child’s functioning.

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