Bowen Family Systems Coaching, sometimes described as family therapy with one person, is a form of coaching that focuses on helping people develop highly effective ways of handling themselves in relationships with significant others, whether they be family members, friends and intimate others, or work related relationships.

About Family of Origin Coaching

According to the late Murray Bowen, originator of Bowen Family Systems Theory, a person can learn to handle situations in a way that is both productive and constructive, no matter what another says or does. From this position, that of a “differentiated self”, lasting and respectful relationships can develop as individuals start to assume responsibility for their own thoughts, feelings, and actions. The ability to accept another’s differences while maintaining a sense of self can lead to the development of mutually respectful relationships that are rooted in authentic closeness.


Generation to Generation

Family of Origin work supports the development of self-differentiation. Taking time to look at beliefs, values, and interaction patterns that have been passed down through the generations can lead to new insights, acceptance, and understanding of how we became who we are.  Family of origin coaching can also provide opportunities to think about our selves, our families, and our relationships with significant others in new ways.

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