Dr. Robin Shultz is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) and a Clinical Fellow with the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT). Robin works with couples using an integrative approach, which means that she tailors the specific model or parts of models of couple therapy used to each particular situation. She has also received advanced training in Bowen Family Systems Therapy and uses this model to help couples learn how to bring their relationship to a new level of closeness by each learning what it means to differentiate them selves. Many couples have said that Robin’s style of Couple therapy is “different” from what they have experienced in the past and more attuned to helping them build lasting respectful, enriched relationships.

Therapy for Couples

In Couple therapy, we take a “systemic” focus, meaning that we don’t look to blame either party when things go wrong. Instead, we believe that each person in the couple has at least some responsibility in co-creating the problematic situation. This approach allows us to, once we have determined each person’s contribution focus on developing the skills, strategies, and potential solutions that can bring about the change that is desired. A common goal in Couple therapy is to help each person become aware of his or her role in the problem, so that each can assume responsibility for one’s own thoughts, feelings, and actions instead of blaming the other. Very often, it is here where couples get, and stay, stuck unless they learn the skills necessary to move beyond what we call the “gridlock”. Working together, we find ways to build bridges that lead to cooperative functioning in relationships.

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