Dr. Robin Shultz is the founder and Clinical Director of New Legends Counseling, Coaching and Consulting, LLC.

Robin’s passion for helping people cultivate change in their lives grew out of her personal understanding that change is slow and starts with small steps taken when people are ready. Robin views living as the unfolding of events both positive and negative and co-created by us, which provide the exact “opportunities” needed for our own growth. The difficulty comes when we cannot see the problematic situation as providing an opportunity for increased self-awareness and deeper understanding of others’ functioning.  At these times, we may naturally slip into feelings of disappointment, anger, fear, hopelessness, or resentment and stay there– none of which are usually productive or bring much comfort.

A firm believer in living life proactively, Robin is also patient as people start to make sense of the events in their lives and work to handle difficult situations based on new learning. Therapy is collaborative as different ways to parent, communicate, manage feelings, and address relationship difficulties with significant others both at home and at work, are explored.

Dr. Shultz recently completed a small research study examining family interaction patterns and their possible effect on children’s social, emotional, and academic functioning at school. Dedicated to helping parents develop the most effective relationships possible with their kids, and children to become the most resourceful and resilient persons they can, Robin believes strongly in the importance of building social, emotional, behavioral, and self-awareness skills in both parents and children.  In addition to being a Clinical Fellow with the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT) and a member of the National Association of Social Worker (NASW), Robin has been a Licensed School Social Worker for 17 years working with staff and parents to build strong and durable resiliencies in students.

Robin is also an Adjunct Faculty Member at Aurora University where she teaches a family therapy class to doctoral students in the Doctor of Clinical Social Work Program.