Patricia Emery is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (LCPC) with advanced certification in working with individuals struggling with substance abused (CAADC). Patricia has a strong background with adolescents, families, and adults in both clinical and public school settings.

Being an adolescent in today’s rapidly changing world can be stressful and often confusing for them and their families.  Thirty years of experience counseling struggling teens in both the public school system and in clinical settings has provided Patricia with a deep understanding of the adolescent world and the challenges faced by our youth as they have become, often without realizing it, fully immersed in the world of social media, video games, and engaged in risky and dangerous behaviors.

Throughout her career, Patricia’s passion for working with adolescents has only deepened.  Her philosophy is that all adolescents are at their core, good kids who just want to do the right thing and become successful, happy adults. But sometimes the decisions they make get in the way of achieving their life’s goals. While no one can force another to make different choices for themselves, Patricia has been able to help many adolescents shift their thinking towards wanting to make better decisions.

Patricia’s advanced training in working with substance abusers of all ages has equipped her with the skills needed to assist teenagers as they explore their own “coming of age” issues prior to entering our adult world. Patricia’s approach is nonjudgmental and respectful which allows these young clients to, through their own efforts, re-gain some self-awareness and begin to explore their capabilities and potential.

Patricia’s lengthy tenure in the public school system has given her the opportunity to walk alongside our teens as they have turned toward today’s dangerous epidemics – vaping, dabbing, drugs, and drinking. Pat has developed psycho-educational programs for both kids and families on these rising epidemics to help them find workable solutions to what seem to be insurmountable problems. The importance of teaching our youth how to manage their lives while sober and present has never been more critical as the legalization of marijuana looms right around the corner.

For more information on how Patricia might help you or your child, please contact her by phone at 630-403-6034 or by email at Patricia believes that each individual is unique with their own set of strengths and challenges, and that when assistance is provided in a safe, compassionate setting, possibilities are endless.