New Legends Counseling, Coaching, & Consulting

The Center for Individual, Couple, and Family Development


We are offering remote counseling phone or video sessions for new and existing clients. Please call Kevin at 630.828.6304 or email for more information about our TeleHealth services.

Our Mission

New Legends is committed to helping people find meaning and fulfillment in their lives. We know that life brings unexpected challenges, which can be turned into opportunities for growth and change if we are willing to learn from them. Often, the “opportunity” in a situation is difficult to see. At New Legends, uncovering possibilities is our specialty. Whether you are dealing with troublesome feelings, a perplexing relationship or situation, or a seemingly insurmountable roadblock that exists in your life, we are here to guide you as you make your path by walking.

Meaningful and Lasting Change

Change is often  difficult and uncomfortable, not only for us, but also for the people that we value the most in our lives. At New Legends, we work from a systems perspective. Whether you are coming in alone for individual work, with a partner for couples work, or with a family to strengthen your relationships, we will explore the problem and also the factors surrounding it.  Together, we will identify and develop ways to implement lasting change in your life. In later stages of treatment, monthly coaching is utilized to help you stay on track as you practice newly learned skills.

We Can Help

Whether you are seeking help for individual concerns such as depression or anxiety, or relationship problems with family, coworkers, or significant others, New Legends can help.